Friday, October 21, 2011

Filming with Jorge Peniche "

Filming with Jorge Peniche", a set on Flickr.
Out filming with Jorge Peniche on a set. Jorge called upon myself to find him one of the cleanest lowriders avalible for a shoot..So I called a few of my partners in the lowriding community to find a nice good looking chevy convertible for jorge ..I got in touch with George from USO Car Club from the Harbor Area.USO Car Club was founded by my very good friend Kita. Which stands for United Samoan Organization. But the club is open to all denomination of races in the world..Kita just recently got the name USO back from the government cause they inflicted that the word USO belonged to the United States Organization.Kita hadto change the name to UCE..But after fighting 10 long hard years he finally got to have USO rightfully handed back to him from Supreme Court Order. Shot out to J.D. from Zenith Wire wheeels for making the connection.
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